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Corona Gorda
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I've sent a few... lmk what you are looking for and I'll try to help out. Next school year, my son will be 21, and could mule to West Lafayette.
At the rate I'm going that probably about when lol...I just found a bottle if EW SiB Vintage for 27 I picked up.

All I'm reading here is Lafayette needs a carpet bourbon bombing.
I read that we *as me/you* need to drive up there and hand deliver some bourbon and herf a bit
To you both, no bombing, and as far as a herf, we will overtake hoppy when his ass moves lol


Creepy CIA Op
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Caught this on a great sale and picked up three bottles. We polished one off at HBH and I decided to finish this one off last night. RR10 is a great bottle even at regular price. I'd almost say it is a refined WT101 but that could be due to the lower proof. I have one bottle left but so many others to finish before I open it. Definitely look forward to drinking it again.


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Damn, guys! I've posted 6 of the last 8 empty bottles. Either you guys are slacking, or I've got a problem...

Actually, I get more help with my open bottles than most, but bourbon is more fun when shared...20190509_213719.jpg

This Dickel was pretty solid. Not sure of the $ as it was a gift. I'd buy again as a $40 bottle, but not sure I'd pay much more.