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Bottle Completionist Club

Hari Seldon

Petite Lancero
Rating - 100%
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Jun 20, 2018
Healthy pour to finish this one off. I got it in December and the first few times trying it didn't know what the hype was. Didn't get much flavor as it was all heat. Left it alone for a while and when I tried it again it was great. Not sure if my taste changed or the bottle changed from being opened and exposed to some air. Now I need to look for a new one.

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Corona Gorda
Rating - 100%
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Feb 16, 2019
Platte City, MO
This one took awhile... not bad, just not my profile. I had to check the bottle fine print, as I would have sworn this was a Beam-sourced product, but its MGP. It has a grainy, cornmeal sweetness to it, which usually disappears or lessens with age.

I've got Belle Meade bottles that are 11 yr MGP and they are spectacular. Guess I was hoping for this one to mimic those, but not the case...