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Reminder, to access the marketplace, you must request permissions. Simply DM me once you've posted your welcome/intro post. If you have a sponsor that will help expedite the process :)
A smell good deals coming around the corner, its almost labor day :)
Trying to clear some stuff out of the tuppers. Got a new guy at work I'm training, he smokes. Navy guy. I've been taking a couple to work on Fridays, drink a beer and chill when the day is done. Good dude. I've been smoking on the pipes more than anything lately which reminds me I'm almost out of Trout Stream @Bostoneo
Anybody else get the turkey shits this year? Any sort of incline is a no go. Warning, you will be exremely gassy, but bad judgment will make it extremely moist. Use caution.
I just joined an autopsy club... they even have open Mike night on Thursdays! (Dad joke)

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