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The what are you drinking today thread.


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Mar 5, 2019
Temecula , CA
Nice - how's Vegas right now? (Haven't been in over a year).
Honestly, a little strange. Not everything is open as far as restaurants and bars inside the casinos. We stayed at Mandalay Bay and it was sort of a ghost town at that end of the strip, but it was more crowded in the middle of the strip. It’s probably just because I’m getting older, so I’m turning into the get off my lawn guy, but it seems like Vegas is being overrun by the young and dumb crowd. I guess it’s always been that way, I was just one of them in the past! Anyway, I still enjoyed the cigar bar and I actually made a little money on the tables, which never happens, haha!


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Mar 22, 2019
Sunray, Texas
Ok, might have been posted before. Not sure. These are all over TiKTok, so some might have seen them. Started making them this weekend. It's called a Corona Sunset, and they're pretty badass.

These are the ingredients:
Corona, tequila, OJ, Grenadine, and limes/lime juice.
Drink your Corona down to the top of the highest label, like so...

Add a shot of the Tequila of your choice..... (I believe clear tequila is best, but the cheapest clear tequila at my liquor store today was $35. Not a large selection)

Top with OJ. Leave 1/2 inch or so from the top. Splash of Grenadine, and a slice/squirt of whatever lime juice you have on hand. Plce thumb over top and gently turn upside down a few times to mix..
Prepare to make another one, because these fuckers are amazing. Lol
Don't have a pic of the finished product, but you get the idea.....