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The what are you drinking today thread.


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Mar 5, 2019
Temecula , CA
Not going to lie, this was totally wasted on me; Belgian beers are my thing.

But with a username like that, I gotta ask how this stuff rates in your opinion.
I waited quite a few years to even try it, and that was about 4 or 5 years ago. I’ve only had it that one time and I did wait in line for about an hour for it! With all that build up.........it was okay, haha! I absolutely love IPA’s for their fresh, piney aroma and flavor. The more bitter, the better! It was an acquired taste, didn’t happen overnight. With that said, The Younger was almost too complex for me. I don’t want any malty or dank flavors in my IPA, and you’ll get that with Triples like this one. Wasn’t overly boozy for the ABV, and it did have some great hop flavor too it, but just give me a straight West Coast IPA and I’m happy. Still happy I tried it though. Being an IPA guy, it was a must!