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Pipe leather rests


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Anyone interested in going in a bulk buy of these? Normally $15ea but I got him down to $11 ea plus shipping to you from me since I need an assload to display my pipes on my shelving.

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From Frank @ sorringowl
Right now, I have a very nice, thick (about 8 oz), dark brown, latigo leather (very nice stuff that will last forever--this is used to make horse saddles), and you would have your choice of hardware, either nickel or antique brass (or I can mix them up).

All of my items are completely handmade, by me (no die cutting/punch pressing, etc.) and on these I hand bevel the inside edge so your smooth pipes don't rest on a rough edge (running the risk of scratching a nice pipe). A lot of makers skip that step, because it takes longer, but, I'm a pipe collector, too, so, I do the same work for my customers as I do for me (actually, better, hehe).
Also, just so you know, I use my pipe rests in the same way, foregoing a wooden pipe rack. : ) Makes a nice display.
Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks again.
Frank @

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I have put in the order. Will be $11ea plus ship. Frank said this large order will probably take 2-3 weeks before it ships out. will keep posted when it ships.

Let me know if you wanted nickel or antique brass.