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  • Happy Thanksgiving all! Lets take this time to remember that we all should be grateful for what we have, even in this crazy world now.

    Peace and love!
    SoS pipe rests are in!

    SoS Swag stickers, BOGO free, valid through 9/25 @ 11:59pm ET

    SoS swag idea
    New sticker incoming!
    thats an armadilla!
    @bwhite220 , when i was in the outback, I stumbled across a group of fez wearing, pipe smoking platpussys. Interestingly enough they spoke our language and I was intrigued to learn from their leader, Marvin Dungworth, that they once had heard stories about their ancestors smoking a magical leaf that rejuvenated their senses. I eagerly pulled out of my inner wool-lined jacket pocket a pouch of Dunhill's Elizabethan Mixture, Murray's manufactured of course, and slowly knelt down next to Ser Marvin Dungworth and allowed him to sniff the marvelous mixture. A few whiffs from his snout aroused him greatly as poison began to seep out of his skin, as it does most platypussys when they are excited, especially during mating season... luckily I was not his type! Marvin insisted I fill every fez up from his flock with this gorgeous mixture of pipe tobacco for their enjoyment. With only 1 Murrays tin I had to mix in some STG, i dont think they noticed, to fill the flock of maybe 16 plattypussys, this probably made me go through 6 tins! We had a few beers and smoked some great tobacco, but then the time came where I had to go... Marvin allowed me to sketch a portrait of him and that is what you now see on the sticker. The flock now has SoS embroidered on their fez's to honor Society of Smoke for the reintroduction of tobacco into their life that their ancestors had once enjoyed and are eternally grateful. Please honor Marvin and SoS by purchasing one of these stickers, picturing a platypussy smoking a pipe, the only one known in mankind, never photographed!
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