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On iOS? Steer clear of the Cigar Oasis 3.0 devices


I purchased a Cigar Oasis PLUS 3.0 humidifier and was excited as a kid on Christmas when it arrived yesterday. After a bit of time trying to get the device's WiFi configured I gave up and decided to call this morning.

This morning I get customer service on the phone and was told that the majority of their customers aren't interested in the WiFi functionality and that the iOS application isn't working yet.

  • How do ship a product that isn't ready?
  • The app was added to the App Store 3 weeks ago, what's taking so long?
  • How is your response simply "It isn't ready yet?" -- this is supposed to have a subscription attached, offer me a discount or something.
  • Fix your support materials - The troubleshooting section of the website points to a video, follow the link and it says "coming soon"
One other thing, the app that is available does allow you to create an account and the authentication process is sent over the wire in plain text.
#developerfail all around

I was debating buying the Magna 3.0 for my tower humidor if this worked out well, but there's a slim chance in hell of that happening now.