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  1. Squaresoft

    Made it over here finally

    Whoa, if redneck is here I know weve hit the big time. Welcome bro
  2. Squaresoft

    St. pattys 2019

  3. Squaresoft


    @BGEgg needs marketplace access for sweet sweet splits. Personally I would keep him out but some other ppl said he should be allowed
  4. Squaresoft

    Noob Sampler Trade

    you know what you did
  5. Squaresoft

    Noob Sampler Trade

    hey @akpreacher .... what the fuck am i looking at right now?
  6. Squaresoft

    St. pattys 2019

    absolutely true, but whether on tap or in can the body/flavor of guinness has never changed as far as i know. I've been told it's way different in ireland, but american guinness no.
  7. Squaresoft

    St. pattys 2019

    just for the record, guinness has tasted the same since I was able to drink. it's the first beer I really liked and though i realize it basically has no flavor aside from a bit of a coppery bitterness. I'll take a picture of my preparations when i get back home later. I'll pick up some irish...
  8. Squaresoft

    The what are you drinking today thread.

    Drinking at lunch on a work day. What a pimp. Except it's genesee
  9. Squaresoft


    I don't hang on to collectables generally, I'm not a hoarder. No collection of all the video games/consoles I've ever owned, no collection of baseball or comic cards...although I do wish I had kept all that stuff in retrospect. Only collectables I still have are alot of magic the gathering...
  10. Squaresoft


    i'd be in to try some johnny Os
  11. Squaresoft

    Beads or No?

    it was fluffy dont lie
  12. Squaresoft

    Beads or No?

    also, whats this "hate to say it" nonsense? im right all the time, plus im cool so theres no need for the negativity bub
  13. Squaresoft

    Beads or No?

    if your good bro is in need then you wouldnt be a good bro if you didnt help him out. just say no homo first and its all cool
  14. Squaresoft

    Beads or No?

    pics or it didnt happen @bwhite220 also, everyone knows its not gay if you suck your own dick bro. just like it's not gay to give yourself a handjob, or to give a good friend a brojob...you know, super not gay stuff. also i thought that most people who were baller enough to afford aristocrats...
  15. Squaresoft

    "Can I tell you something?"

    i dont see whats personal about poop though