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YouTube shutting down ATF publishers


The Chosen One
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they are not shutting them down fyi... just demonetizing them so they dont make ad revenue since their advertisers dont want linked with that content.


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Pretty sad. Lots of people are getting pounded. The United Spot which makes fun of libtards, Codyslab which is a guy that does science experiments. They have nothing to do with alcihol drugs or tobacco yet they get nailed just the same. Both Facebook and YouTube can suck a fat nut.

The camaro show

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That’s horrible with especially as long as some of these guys have been doing it. I can see doing this with illegal drugs or whatever else but perfectly legal cigars shouldn’t be a issue. Should be the least of their concerns and be glad to have Channels like Brian’s and muttenchop piper. I can see if they want to make it restricted content 18+.