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Xikar lighters

The camaro show

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Looking for a new lighter and cigar page has some good deals currently. Does anyone have experience with the following?
Xikar vitara
Xikar pulsar
Xikar ELX

These are the 3 I narrowed it down to for these reasons
Double or triple flame
Built in punch cutter
Covered top

All suggestions are welcome!


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Xikar lighters are shit anymore. Own 2 currently, and have had several more. They do still have a lifetime warranty, but like the Vato Zone alternators and such with the same warranty, who wants to change them out every 3 months?
The $3 crack torch from the Dollar store is just as reliable......
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Any torch lighter with Xikar high altitude fuel. That stuff is higher pressure and will push anything clogging the lines through and out. Good as new.


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Dont have any of the ones you mentioned but my go to is their high altitude one, stratosphere I think? Never had any issues with it and its lit 99% of the sticks I've smoked for 5 plus years.

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