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SoCal Gunner

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Sep 7, 2019
Continuing my journey through the La Aurora Pack from Light to Dark. It was close, but in direct sunlight the Cameroon was ruled lighter in shade than the Ecuador.

So, next up in the La Aurora series is the Cameroon (Platinum) Preferido Robusto. Went into this pretty excited because a couple of my favorite cigars have a Cameroon wrapper. That and with the sweetness the previous two displayed, I'm guessing it will be a good match.

Right off the bat, this cigar was very firm and had a tight cold draw. I gave it another cut, knowing how shallow I typically clip - didn't help. Ah well, it's not plugged, just a bit tight.

So disappointed to say it tasted like plastic. It had a shadow of the sweet notes mentioned previously, but really only on the palate after exhaling. I kept going hoping it would improve, but it never really did. As always, this could have been a one-off or even just me on this particular day.