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SoS Swag: Mug (COLOR POLL)

What color/glaze do you like?

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Jun 15, 2018
Akron, OH
With the shape now chosen we now get to pick the color of the final product. Two color choices are given for the 48 mug order, one which will be which will be the black w/hunter white marble glaze (24 mugs). The other 24 mugs are up to the you! All mugs will feature our circle logo with a clay medallion (artwork in process with Deneen est. 3 weeks out).

You may vote for your top 3 color choices. If you don't like 3, pick 2 or 1.

Color/Glaze #2 (24 mugs), Poll choice: ??? TBD via poll end date, March 8, 2019.

6 options available to vote on:

Black w/Red

Black w/Navy

Chocolate w/Sunset White

Federal w/Cinnamon White

Grey w/Hunter white

Red w/Sand White