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SOS Pipe rests - Now in (39 left)


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These are now available and ready to ship out to you.

Any interest in custom stamped/logo leather pipe rests. Found a guy locally that can pound these out if I buy the stamp. These are detachable.

39/50 total available
@Tyler86 2 PAID 9400128699939407318082
@Yakcraz 1 PAID 9400128699938875886659
@ak2000 2, PAID 9400128699937961623222
@TexaSmoke 1
@mitetak 2 PAID 9400128699939407318099
@Xavier_Dredo 2
@OneStrangeOne 2 PAID 9400128699939407318075
@BloodWood x2, PAID 9400128699937961623239



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I didn’t know you were a pipe guy
I don't smoke them very often, but I have 6 cobs and a collection of baccy that ranges from standard issue to straight up unicorn shit. I have it for when the mood strikes.

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