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Outdoor cooking, post your grilling, smoker, etc. pics


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Title is self explanatory I think. Post up any meals you cook outside on whatever you use to cook it. Be it grill, smoker, fish cooker, green egg, open flame, etc. I’ll go first.

A buddy of mine took a trip to the gulf for a couple days to visit family. Some of his family work a shrimp boat. He carried a couple coolers with him to stock up. I put in an order for 10lbs for me & the wife before he went. He brought it over earlier this evening & I grilled some up. It doesn’t get much fresher than this!!!
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Far from fancy, but it works

Stupid Tapatalk


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Nice thread. I can definitely contibute when the 5 foot snow drifts melt in the back yard so i am able to get to my smoker. I sadly cant even get to my fire wood at the moment and this damn winter needs to go away

WHEN . . thats the key question... I moved last April, so this will be the first Spring/Summer where I can finally focus on getting the backyard/Outside tackled/organized


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I need to bite the bullet and build a new smoker this year. Get to many temp swings from wind with my single wall smoker.