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Even so, 4 oz bulk is the same price as a 2 oz tin
There’s no argument that it’s way cheaper to buy it in bulk. The problem that I have is that this shelf in the cabinet is the space in my house that I use to store my tobacco stuff. It’s pretty full already & I don’t wanna pack it with bulk tobacco that it’ll take a while for me to smoke, & I’d like to keep it kinda organized. I already have to play tetris every time I want to smoke something. I wish I had more room to build a bigger collection, but the wife would probably kill me if I expand outside of this cabinet shelf, & I don’t smoke my stuff up fast enough to make much room in here. 5EFD9D2D-772F-4768-A760-C8B664D1922E.jpeg


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How do you like the orton pipe? Really love the way they look and have been thinking of have him make me one
Smokes great. Got it at Chicago show for a decent deal. Was the only pipe under $200 I really like as it is so unique.

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