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How do you handle these situations?


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Someone hands you a fake cigar or posts pics of themselves smoking a fake cigar. You’re not sure if they are aware or not. Do you chime in or naw?


Escaped primate
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Incomplete dataset.
Many possibilities.

For example:
Your aged mother, knowing you like cigars, goes out and gets you a 'Cuban' ? "Thanks, mom. That's really cool 👍" If she's waiting for you to smoke it, then man up and light that bit of heaven and savor the taste of scorched beetles. Because it's your mom. And you don't be a dick to your mom. If necessary, later find a discreet way to discourage a repeat occurance.

Your buddy hands you a roll of floor sweepings someone slapped a Cohiba sticker on. Then it's "WTF is wrong with you?"
After mocking him him without mercy for awhile, tell him how to not get screwed in the future while sharing something you can both appreciate.

Some random brotato on the interwebs posting pics? Feed your inner sociopath by not giving a crap and then later asking how it was.

And so on


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I will let them know it's fake.....not in public. I would gently pull them away from the crowd and let them know that it's a fake........fi they get angry or defensive, so be it.....if it's by the web then I would shoot them a pm and let them know.

& if they are pompous asshole I will let them believe that it is a real cc and laugh inside.