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Ciao from Italy


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Hi, I'm Roberto and I'm writing from the North of Italy, city of Milan. Please forgive me for my late presentation post, I got in touch with @Bostoneo (I'm so grateful to you) thanks to a Swedish friend.
I'm a botl with a lot of problems here in the old continent, I can't purchase cigars (or any tobacco's product) using the web and it's unbeliavable. I don't want to smoke the same old habanos available here. I love so much Nicaraguan and Dominican Cigars and my favourite brands are Crowned Heads and Tatuaje. I also appreciate Black Label Trading Co. (+Black Works Studio), Foundation Cigars, RoMa Craft, Dunbarton, E.P. Carillo. Thanks God I've found some good friends outside Italy, in other European Community countries where it's possible to purchase cigars online and receive they at your door.
Every time I did a deal I risk my pack will be destroied by customs (even if it comes from Europe) and to pay a high fee but you know 'when the rules don't make sense carve your own path'.
On 2017 I met Pete Johnson during an event here in Italy and I went to United States of America for the first time in my life on last June, destination NASHville, to meet Jon A. Huber...we were penfriends from a couple of years. It has been a great experience.
Please forgive my long message and my written language... I think it will be the one and only message of this 'size'. I'm here just to take a look to great stogies and to learn better some U.S. English language....I really found great people in Tennessee and I will never forget them as American Airlines (my best and I arrived with 22 hours delay).
Have a great smoke, my greetings to y'all. Ciao!