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Bad Taste


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Jun 20, 2018
I have looked over my flavor wheel and still can not figure out what the hell it is but it's not good. I have picked up said bad taste in a few sticks mostly low end stuff that's old, but even some newer "quality" smokes. Its almost chemical/mold/must. I'm lost. All my stuff is 67-69RH on the nuts (3 hygrometers inside) temp never above 72°, usually 69° or so. Any in site? Other bad flavors you have had?

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Jun 17, 2018
I've found this to occur also with cheaper cigars. Only thing i can suggest is having a lower RH 'drybox' humidor(like 60 to 65rh) to put stuff in you ate going to smoke soon. Could be moisture, could be ammonia, could just be shitty tobacco/factory. Last stick I experienced this with was a cheap gran habano. Ps I have also had odd experiences from smoking too many too often. I've found if I smoke at most every other day or less, I get the best flavor profiles from my sticks. One day I smoked 4 in a row and the last one tasted like salt.