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Happy Thanksgiving all! Lets take this time to remember that we all should be grateful for what we have, even in this crazy world now.

Peace and love!
New family. His name is Hawk. He is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.20210918_153218.jpg
Any hunters at all?
He's a handsome boy!
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Sup. All is well. been really busy here lately. Smoked my last Nick & Jim P.B.E. the other day, kinda feel bad about it although it was kick ass. Going back to work tomorrow, been on vaca for a week, see yall later. Hope everybody had some sweet Holiday stuff going on. Bought a bad ass American made flag pole for the 4th instead of trash. Not doing china made bullshit fire works this year, they can suck all two inches. see you guys later.
I just stumbled across this site, it looks like a great site. Glad to be here. I am currently listening to a audiobook version of LOTR and smoking a Person 20th CT.