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I gotta check that book out. I can't imagine the stories they have.

Here it is



Love Radiohead, however they loast me after Hail To The Thief, their best album is still the Bends, I just feel they lost their guitar sound and went more synthpop if you will.......sad.
You should give the newer albums another try. King of limbs only has 2 songs I like, otherwise that album is pretty glitchy and hard to listen to. The newest album is growing on me more and more. There are definitely solid tunes here and there especially for a "The Bends" fan. I'll throw some of my favs out there. Case in point, I was super hooked on Tame Impala's first album and then they changed there sound, so I wasn't feeling it. My friend asked me how I liked the new album, and I gave it a whirl after a wacky tabaky sesh. Mind blown! I put the last 3 albums in a playlist and put 'em on shuffle. I love those albums now. Very heavy on synth, but I'm a synth junkie thanks to Jan Hammer/Miami Vice and the heavy synth tunes during serious scenes on the show. Love Miami Vice!