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What’s your favorite Alec Bradley and Rocky Patel smokes?

The camaro show

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So after meeting an old friend from middle school at my new job and discovering he’s a cigar lover we got to talking about cigars of course during work. A lot of my favorite brands he’s never had much from (Crowned heads, Drew Estate and Tat, while I haven’t had many of his favorite brands (Alec Bradley, AF and RP) so of course we are gonna do some trades and splits but I was wondering what are your guys favorite sticks from these brands? I can remember having The Vandal which I remember as pretty good I can also remember remember the sun grown which I think was eh if I remember right. I really like all AF’s but just a brand I don’t buy much off and then RP last one I had was the sun grown maduro which was really good, I believe I had a 2003 vintage that I don’t remember much of.