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Type of Pipe

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Not a pipe smoker but curious: Does the pipe influence how different tobacco smokes? tastes? Or is just personal preference?

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Well that’s a difficult question to answer. Like with most things it’s about your personal preference. Some will say that Virginia’s need to be smoked in short fat bowls and burleys and English blends need to be in taller bigger bowls. Also any aro should only be smoked in a cob or meer to not ghost a pipe or make all other tobaccos you put in the pipe taste like that aro. Me personally I just grab whatever pipe I want to smoke that day and whatever blend and that’s what I do. But some people are very specific to which blends go in which pipes. So I don’t know if that really answers your question or not haha

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Its all about what works for you / your preference. Ask 100 pipe smokers & you might get 100 different answers. Great example: in blunk's post, I prefer the opposite than what he is suggesting: virginias in tall/narrow bowls. English's in wide/shallow.... however, you can pretty much smoke English's in anything & it will do the trick i think.

You may find that a particular blend just shines in a particular pipe... when that magic happens, its the only blend I will smoke in that pipe going forward. Have fun with it. Explore. I find alot of GL Pease's articles on this very subject fascinating, & I tend to agree with most of it:

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I've found that blends taste (somewhat dramatically) different in different types of bowls. It would really be something for you to play around with to get the pairing that works for you. The way you prep and pack can also effect the flavors to an extent..