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Pipe Tobacco Recomendations

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Still new to pipe tobacco. I've tried lots but only a few have really been worth buying. I like Engine 99, Trout Stream, Pirate Kake (I assume because of the Latakia). I am looking for something stronger though. Curious what recommendations you guys have for stronger pipe tobacco?

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If you like Latakia, try GL Pease Gaslight and Quiet Nights, C&D Billy Budd, Big n Burley, Burley Flake #4, Epiphany, Morley's Best, Sunset Harbor Flake, off the top of my head.
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Recommendations without Latakia: Gawith Hogarth Kendall Dark (shag unscented) and Happy Brown Bogie (or Brown Twist Sliced), C&D Burley Flake #1 and #3, John Patton Oriental Dusk, GL Please Key Largo...


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I second GL Pease gaslight for latakia heaven, Haunted bookshop has packed a punch for me to, makes me take naps after smoking a bowl.