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  1. Squaresoft


    @BGEgg needs marketplace access for sweet sweet splits. Personally I would keep him out but some other ppl said he should be allowed
  2. Squaresoft

    FS section addendum

    I didn't see it in your post, but this no a photo of whatever your selling should be required. I know it seemsime common sense but I've seen ppl just list the names of the cigars which does t show the condition they are in etc.
  3. Squaresoft

    SGDQ is on the way

    SGDQ is a week long 24/7 marathon of people who speed run games. They beat games the feastest in the world, and SGDQ streams hundreds of them for free l week starting first week of July. I recommend you google SGDQ 2018 and look at the schedule of games to see if there are any that seem cool to...
  4. Squaresoft

    cooldown time between posts

    come on bro? what is this north korea? i can type more then 5 words a minute so that cooldown time is just nonsense
  5. Squaresoft

    The what are you drinking today thread.

    since we need one of these for every hobby you could possibly have its forum rules. anyway, I picked up some budweiser freedom reserve at the grocery store today lured in by the fact that it's allegedly brewed using a recipe found in one of George Washington's journals. well, I am now a true...
  6. Squaresoft

    I'm telling eric

    You'll never get away with this!