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  1. BloodWood

    TAA Announces Full List of 2021:

    My fellow humans, any particular blend grabbing your attention? Illusione and CH have always done well by me. Guess I'll start with these two. CLE Signature THT-EKE Crowned Heads – The Lost Angel TAA Drew Estate – Cuatro Cinco Edicion Americana E.P. Carrillo – 2021 General Cigar – Diesel...
  2. BloodWood

    Are we under attack... By Nazis? (nt)

    Goo-goo, gaga
  3. BloodWood

    Cornelius & Anthony possibly no more?

    Just got off the horn with Paul at Small Batch. Says communication with C&A has gone dead. They don't even have a rep to talk with. Paul, and the rest of the shop, thinks C&D is in the process of being sold. With fear in my voice I asked, "Is it General?". Not sure, he said. This really sucks...
  4. BloodWood

    Scandinavian Tobacco Group A/S has closed a deal to acquire certain pipe tobacco trademarks and designs from Dunhill Tobacco Company of London Limited

    I think the word 'certain' may dash a few hopes and dreams. Any thoughts or rumors Andy? (@ak2000). Scandinavian Tobacco Group A/S acquires premium pipe tobacco brands
  5. BloodWood

    45,000+ barrels of bourbon destroyed at Jim Beam

    Massive fire erupts at Jim Beam bourbon warehouse in Kentucky Oh, the Humanity!
  6. BloodWood

    YouTube shutting down ATF publishers

    One big load of crap!
  7. BloodWood

    A little test for those of you three sheets to the wind:

    The prize?... Self satisfaction. Picture too big? Click on it.
  8. BloodWood

    Happy St. Patty's Day

    Anyone smoking a special Candela? Maybe a favorite baccy from a green bowl. Or, the "other" green tobacco found on the street corner? ... Scratch that last question.
  9. BloodWood

    Any blenders? Need advice

    Got some John Patton Dark Horse that needs a chaser. Not sure who the culprit would be. I like other cigar leaf blends (Key Largo & Billy Budd). I hold my opinion on most baccies, but this stuff if just too disagreeable. Not sure if its a bad batch or what, and it is not worth shipping to a...
  10. BloodWood

    Test for Echo (not RUSH)

    Where did everyone go? Fricken talking to myself over there. Me: Hey Cole, where have you been buddy. Thinking you might have gotten caught up in that nasty storm business down in the Gulf. You OK?? Cole: Listen dipshit, I told you back in Aug to check out SOS. Also, for the last time, will you...