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  1. Unfairtoast

    Pig Roast

    Next weekend we're roasting a pig as a goodbye to the house we live in now. It was purchased by some developers, so soon enough it'll be turned into some apartments. I'm also using it as my wife's birthday party. (Because I'm not stupid. Two birds one stone and all that nonsense) Today we built...
  2. Unfairtoast


    Tell me about these. I can't find anything concrete about em.
  3. Unfairtoast

    New Guy from Washington

    My name is Mark, I'm from the Tacoma area of Washington state. I started smoking cigars about 12ish years ago before falling off for a couple years while I was broke. Now that my life has balanced out again, I've been getting back into the world of cigars. I'm a truck driving/landscaper with a...