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  1. Redneck_toy

    Golf Clash players wanted

    Not sure if anyone here plays Golf Clash or not, but looking for players to start an SoS clan. Post up if you're interested.
  2. Redneck_toy

    Random question of the day

    Just curious why my phone, a Note 8, which I have set to restart every night at 3am, decides to tell me every single morning the on 4/21 it blocked a call on my blacklist. I have the phone set to only ring on numbers within my phone book. All others go straight to voice mail. My phone diverts...
  3. Redneck_toy

    Car Dealerships amaze me

    So back in 2018, I bought a brand new Jeep wrangler soft top. Manual everything, tranny, windows, etc. It had cruise and A/C. Other than that, bare bones. Bought it for $25,440,plus T,T,&L. I traded it in a week ago fwith 21,400 miles for a 2016 Rubicon with 20k miles. They gave me 19,200 for...
  4. Redneck_toy

    RIP: Neal Peart

    Wife just told me Neal Peart died of brain cancer. That sucks. Really liked their hits. One of the best to ever pick up a drumstick...
  5. Redneck_toy

    Tattoo thread

    Noticed we don't have a thread for ink, so I thought I'd start one. Just got this one finished. Still a little bloody and swollen, but real happy with it. It's on the back of my left calf.
  6. Redneck_toy

    Anyone interested in a dozen 60gr. 69% Bovedas?

    Just ordered up some 62%. Moving the 65% out of the wineador and into the cooler where the 69's currently reside. Couple have a few crunchy spots, but overall, they're in good shape. Trade for a couple of your favorite smokes.... I'll even throw in a handful or two of the little 69% that...
  7. Redneck_toy

    When is it time for second wineador?

    This is a cross post from the other site, but that place seems to be as dead as a wedge lately, so thought I'd post up here. Cigar purchases have increased dramatically thanks to a seemingly neverending supply of Overtime. Not bragging, just an honest question. When is it time to get a second...
  8. Redneck_toy

    La Colmena Reina. Thoughts??

    What's the consensus with this stick? Worth the price? Never had the Reina, but the regular La Colmena is truly awesome. Gonna pull the trigger on one or the other soon. Looks like the regular is out of stock ATM..
  9. Redneck_toy

    BloodWood bombed!!!

    Got a PM from our resident "Keeper of the Memes", @BloodWood the end of last week about a bomb that is incoming. Was curious as to why I ended up on Brad's radar. The bomb landed today, and the included note explains it all real well..... The cigars are a killer selection, of which, 7 are...
  10. Redneck_toy

    Any Tool fans here? Are you as disappointed as me with the new single?

    10 years of waiting. 10 years! And the single they just dropped, while as intricate as anything they've ever put out, is nowhere near the same league as ÆNIMA, Sober, Stinkfist, 46 and 2,Prison Sex, etc.. What are y'alls thoughts? I've also heard the shortest song on the album tops 7 minutes...
  11. Redneck_toy

    Happy Father's Day

    Happy Father's Day to all the brothers with offspring!!
  12. Redneck_toy

    So, where are all the golf nuts hiding?

    Golf addicts, sound off. I know there has to be more than @WNYTony and me that torture ourselves by playing pasture pool. I thought I'd start a thread to discuss this madness that masquerades as a game. I've been an avid golfer for 9 years now, and play easily 60+ games a year. Probably close...
  13. Redneck_toy

    Android 9.0 problems

    Anyone else get the Andrioid 9.0 update, and have a warning about opening this website? Any fixes??
  14. Redneck_toy

    Anyone burn a Little Hassell yet?

    Got a couple in the tat split last month and wondering if they're good to go or not. Only have two, so I hate to pull the trigger if they're still too young
  15. Redneck_toy

    Made it over here finally

    Whassup fellas? Thought I'd check out where all the cool kids are hanging out. Good to see so many familiar faces here. It makes sense why the <other> board has been so dead lately.